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The role of District Councillor has changed dramatically since the year 2000. Government policy and public awareness has meant that Councillors need to be more accountable than ever before to their electorate. Technology has also moved on and in Heyhouses your Conservative Councillors are at the forefront of adopting e-mail alerts, Blogs and Newsletters such as the Heyhouses Harrier to keep you up to date. Our monthly mobile Ward surgeries are also a vital face to face opportunity for residents to keep in touch with us. Finally the Heyhouses Branch committee, made up of volunteers, plays a vital supporting role in campaigning and fund raising. If you would like to play a more active role in your area and would like to become part of the team, then please get in touch. We hope you enjoy the Blog.

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Sunday, 5 October 2008

We Love Small Shops!! - Join our Campaign

Supporting Small Shops
Small shops are at the heart of our high streets and town centres. They offer diversity and choice and provide a really personal service to their community.

Yet in many communities these independent retailers are under threat. They face a rising burden of regulation and tax, a daily battle against crime and violence, and competition from the growth of out-of-town shopping centres. It is estimated that 2000 shops close every year.

Join our campaign to support Britain’s small shops by signing our petition today.

In the Summer, Conservative MPs published a report which set out the challenges facing small shops and ideas for the way ahead. It concluded that we must stand up for small retailers and recognise the vital role they play at the heart of our communities.

So we are campaigning to promote and save our small shops. In particular we are opposing Labour plans to make it easier for more out-of-town development, by scrapping the so-called ‘needs test’. If implemented, this will further undermine small, town centre shops.

You can help save your local shop. Become part our campaign to keep small shops at the heart of our communities.

Mark Prisk MP, the Conservative Shadow Minister for Small Businesses - “If you value your local shops then join our campaign to help them. You can make a difference.”

“Cllr John Coombes added in Fylde we have prided ourselves on our shopping centres and our smaller retail centres such as Whalley Place and St Albans Road, but success runs the risk of all of us becoming complacent about their long term future which can lead to outside funding being diverted away from Fylde, our local campaign to get local retailers and business owners working together and with the Council should help strengthen our voice and ensure that we all have a part to play in developing a long term plan for our town centres“

“We also need to urge residents to shop local and to support local retailers. By walking around the corner to the local shops we are securing their future as well as saving the environment - buy local and buy British has to be the mantra during these difficult trading times“


Sign our petition at

Read the report and send your comments and ideas to the Office of Mark Prisk at or write to him at Mark Prisk MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA
Write to the Government to say NO to scrapping the needs test. Address your letters to Hazel Blears, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA

Download our poster via

Friday, 3 October 2008

Battle of Britain Memorial - Help raise money by simply shopping on line

Help us to raise money towards the Fylde Battle of Britain Memorial by simply clicking on the link above before making any purchases on-line. Over 600 retailers are taking part in the scheme and will make a donation to the fund, at no cost to you, if you use the link above. We need to raise £80,000 to build a similar scheme to the one in the picture, which will be the only Battle of Britain Memorial in the North of England.